z. Jap/China


I’m also thinking about putting in a dicography on this page of all East Asian artists who have released vinyl discs in Australia. YMO, etc.

Miyoshi-Umeki Miyoshi-Umeki-2



MIYOSHI UMEKI How deep is the ocean/Why talk (Aussie) Mercury 45062 (1956 – Australian pressing of Japanese-American artist who recorded in Japan as Nancy Umeki before relocating to the US in 1955)

사본 -sg0000  사본 -sg0001

사본 -sg0002

YELLOW MAGIC ORCHESTRA YMO Self titled first album Computer game/Firecracker/Simmon/Cosmic surfin/Computer game/Yellow magic/la femme chinoise/Bridge over troubled music/Mad pierrot (aussie) A&M L37005 (1979 – extremely clean Australian pressing of first album. Rare in this condition)

star club    star club2

THE STAR CLUB Aggressive Teens/Bodies (Aussie) Green POW 0358 (1986 – scarce Australian release by pioneering Japanese punk band)

shonen knifeshonen

 SHONEN KNIFE Fruit Loop Dreams/Neon Zebra/Lazybone/Redd Kross (aussie) Insipid IV-09 (1991 – Aussie only release by the girls from Osaka)





SPIDERS 7 INCH VINYL EP Bitter For My Taste/Furi Furi/No No Boy/Little Robby (aussie) Philips PE 31 (1960s Australian pressing)



MICHIKO HAMAMURA 7 INCH EP Paradise/ That’s Love/What is this Thing Called Love/Happiness (aussie) RCA 20096









Sakamoto4 (1)





japan2a japan2ab

YUZO KAYAMA and the LAUNCHERS Love Forever (Kimi-To-Itsumadero)/A Star In The Night (Yozara No Hoshi) (AUSSIE) HMV-EA4787 PROMO (sticker pressed with label) (1967 – not common on Oz press. Flip is upbeat 60s garage surf with an extended Shadows/Ventures style guitar break)

Grade: disc is a genuine EX+ (to M-) under strong light in a near mint original dist. sleeve. Looks to have been played a couple of times then put in storage.


shanty quests

QUESTS Shanty/Gallopin’ AUSSIE 45 Columbia DO-4533 SINGAPORE GROUP 1964 PROMO (sticker pressed with label) (extremely rare on Australian pressing)




TRAILERS You only live twice/Girl of my dream AUSSIE 45Festival FK-2069 SINGAPORE GROUP 1967 PROMO (sticker pressed with label) (extremely rare on Australian pressing)

SL387068 SL387069

SL387071   SL387070



East Timor-1East-Timor-2

EAST TIMOR 7 INCH 45 Australia EMI press

SL387064 SL387065

SL387066 SL387067

STAR CLUB Ground Zero 12 inch VINYL LP AUSSIE Chase JAPAN PUNK KBD 1986 rare
STAR CLUB Ground Zero 12 inch VINYL LP AUSSIE Chase 4510461 PROMO (Gold Stamp enbedded in cover)  (1986 – nice clean copy Tokyo punk pioneers. Genuinely rare Australian pressing)
GRADE: Disc and cover both (EX to) EX+ … very clean, no defects, great copy)

eeeddd eeedddjj

eeedddjjrr eeedddjjrrtt

SANDII & AND SUNSETZ Sticky music 45 AUSTRALIA SIRE 1983 Sire Japan japanese YMO

SANDII & AND SUNSETZ Sticky music/The mirrors of eyes AUSTRALIA SIRE/ALFA 7-259701 45 Japan  (1983 – an Australian pressing in the uncommon PICTURE COVER. One of the early Japanese bands to tour Australia in the 1980s. They were quite popular here at that time.))


6 Responses to z. Jap/China

  1. Drew says:

    A few years ago, I was living in Won-ju, and while I was not a frequent listener, I would on occasion catch a regular radio show that seemed to be broadcast every evening around eight o’clock, and which just knocked me down, every time. The host’s name, I don’t remember, but the sur-name might have been “O”; his voice was rather coarse and suggested that he was not young, though it was not a weak voice, at all. What he presented was popular music from long ago, having few elements for which the word, “rock”, seemed appropriate — except as the word is in reference to music such as early doo-wop or Buddy Holly and the Crickets; it seemed to be from a time that was still far from disco, from folk, from 산울림 . . .
    Neither at that time, did I, nor do I now know much about this field — almost nothing, actually. As I said, though, the show was quite impressive; I have thought many times of how I’d like to have access to the series, itself — with the host and all — or to its songs — or at least to the names of the songs and the names of the singers, arrangers, engineers, labels etc.
    Now, I’ve just arrived for the first time at your site, and I look forward to many hours of pleasure and learning, with hopes of hearing more of such well made and interesting music.

    Andrew Keast in Chun-cheon
    (from the U.S.A.)

    p.s. I wonder if you might be able to identify the radio show, from my vague description. If you do know, and if you feel like sharing the information and some fond enthusiasm, please don’t hesitate to write.

    • chang4pian4 says:

      Hi Andrew, Thanks for the message.

      I’m not sure about the radio show but I know someone in Seoul who may know, so I’ll run it by him next time I see him.
      There’s also an author who publish an 800 page book in Korean about western music artists who included a lot of early
      pre 1970 groups. I have the book in storage so I’ll try to get his name.

      I also have a web page which at this stage is just on 50s music, such as Buddy Holly, doo wop etc. It may be of interest.


      If I find any further info. I’ll be sure to drop you a memo.

      all the best, Mic.

  2. LaPavlo says:

    Ciao Mic.
    I bought one month ago LP: Al Bano & Romina Power – Felicita. Pressing Korean in LP. Label is Seoul Records, catalogue number is: LSM 1072 or SRD2-106 and released it in 1985. I bought it without OBI strip and I’d like to know, was there? or korean vinyls were without obi?


    • Hi Paul, not sure if I replied to this already … but generally only a few Korean presisngs , mostly in the 80s, come out with obi’s. Obi’s are a feature of Japanese pressings and most Jap pressings have them. cheers, Mic

  3. Oh, I just realised that the Korean record label Beatball has Obis on most of their new LPs.

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