To date, South Korea has only produced a very limited number of vinyl releases that fall into the punk and hip hop/rap genres. South Korea seemed to completely by-pass these genres when they initially emerged in western music culture and there was very little (almost no) hip hip/punk released in Korean on domestic pressings. A little information on this can be found here. Metal entirely was different, with a lot of albums, even in sub-genres such as thrash, death, etc. getting released in South Korea after the dictatorship censorship period began to recede. Even Roadrunner issued it’s own domestic South Korean pressings.
I’m interested now in what is being released on vinyl after 2000. There are vibrant hip hop, dance and metal scenes now in South Korea, and an underground punk scene that is gaining some strength.  As more South Korean musicians from these genres (hopefully) release stuff on vinyl I’d like to start documenting it here.


THE GEEKS Every time we fall 12 inch vinyl LP 150 copies on WHITE VINYL (Seoul straight-edge hardcore).
Not in chronological order, the vinyl releases I know of/have to date are as follows:
THE GEEKS Every time we fall 12 inch vinyl LP tracks: Open Your Eyes/What We Believe/ Appreciation/Let It Fade/See It Through/ My Foundation/Respect/지금 이순간 (As We Speak)/Pushed Aside/What It Takes/ Search/ Every Time We Fall (US) Get Outta Town Records GOT07 (2007) Pressing information  (100 on multi colour, 150 on white vinyl and 250 on green)
THE GEEKS What’s inside 7 inch vinyl EP tracks: Break The Shell/Still I Stay The Same/As We Speak/The Value’s Here/ What’s Inside (US) Think Fast! Records TFR012 (2005) Pressing information

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