Discographies of vinyl releases by various Korean artists/labels is likely to be a long term project. Please check back here as time passes. (This page will probably be a 2014 project.)

Si-wan – South Korean record label that re-issued many ‘classic’ European progressive rock LPs

ALPHATAURUS Alphataurus VINYL LP (SOUTH KOREA) Magma/Si-Wan Record SRML 2001 / SILBT 11663 (1992 – reproduction re-issue of 1973 Italian heavy progressive album)
CICO Notte VINYL LP (SOUTH KOREA) Si-Wan Record SRML 5002 (gatefold, booklet) (1993 – reproduction re-issue of 1974 Italian  progressive rock album)
CLEAR BLUE SKY Clear Blue Sky VINYL LP (SOUTH KOREA) Vertigo / Si-Wan Record 518 603-1 / RO 2044 / SRML 0034 (1994) (gatefold)
BREAD, LOVE AND DREAMS Amaryllis VINYL LP (SOUTH KOREA) Decca/Si-Wan Record SRML 0035 / RO 2049 (1994 – reproduction re-issue of 1971 UK folk rock album)
CRYSTAL PHOENIX Crystal Phoenix VINYL LP (SOUTH KOREA) Si-Wan Record SRML 2015 / BWR 001 (1994 – reproduction re-issue of what I think was a 1989 progressive metal album)

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