Kim Sisters 김시스터즈

The Kim Sisters hold an important place in the history of Korea as pioneers in the interaction between Koreans and western music audiences (in the post-Korean War period).
The Kim Sisters parents, Kim Hae-song and Lee (Yi) Nan-young (이난영), were also significant Korean music icons in their own right. Lee Nan-young was a famous singer from the pre-Korean War period. She released a number of 10 inch and 12 inch vinyl LPs in South Korea (prices are very high for clean copies) as well as a significant number of 78s (SP Records). Her best known song is “Tears of Mokpo”. Link: Korean 78s
Basic information about The Kim Sisters can be found here: wikipedia and a more complete bio here.
An excellent scholarly article that outlines background and context information relating to The Kim Sisters and their music can be found here: East Asian History.
The Kim Sisters have a particlarly interesting catalogue of vinyl record releases both within Korea and internationally. I have been trying to collect all of their vinyl record releases, both international and Korean. I view their vinyl record releases as being significant historical items from a time when the concept of internationalized K-Pop was yet to be born.

Link to: All Kim Sisters related individual posts



South Korean releases: 
12 inch 33 rpm albums 
KIM SISTERS (김시스터즈) 김씨스터즈 첫앨범 Vinyl LP 추억 더듬어 (TRY TO REMEMBER)/미스터 애직문 (CHINA NIGHTS)/불루베리 파이 (HARBOUR LIGHTS)/눈속에 핀 장미 (ROSES IN THE SNOW)/촤이니스 룰라바이 (CHINESE LULLABY)/데니 보이 (DANNY BOY)/촬리 부라운 (CHARLIE BROWN)/하와이안 웨이딩쏭 (HAWAIIAN WEDDING SONG) /아리랑 (ARIRANG)/당신을 갖고 싶어요 (YOU CAN’T HAVE EVERYTHING)/봄마지 (KOREAN SPRING SONG) /그녀를 사랑해 (HALLELUJAH I LOVE HER SO) (Korean) 신진레코드 LKL Records LK-1005 (1968?)  Possibly – different re-pressings of this and at least one pirate issue? 
KIM SISTERS (김시스터즈) The Kim Sisters Present Vinyl LP (Korean) LKL Records 108  Need more details about this LP
KIM SISTERS (김시스터즈) The Kim Sister’s song Vinyl LP (Korean) LKL Records 117  Need more details about this LP
KIM SISTERS (김시스터즈) 귀국 시민회관공연실황 특집 Vinyl LP Tracks: Come back to me/I’m gonna make you love me/김치깍뚜기/ Thoroughly modern Millie/ Ode To Billiy Joe/Nil-Lee-Ree-ya /Besame mucho/Band 소개/Battle hymn/When the saints go marching in/ Charlie Brown (Korean) 신진 SJ 901 (1970)
KIM SISTERS (김시스터즈) 어머니를 추모한 김시스터즈 가요집Vinyl LP Tracks:목포의 눈물/.다방의 푸른꿈/진달래시첩/코스모스탄식/어머니는 어데로/달없는 항로/낙화유수/.김치깍뚜기/목포는 항구다/봄아가씨/고향/알어달라우요/.연락선은 떠난다/굳바이 공항 (Korean) 신진 (1970)
KIM SISTERS (김시스터즈) This is my life Vinyl LP Tracks: 김치깍두기/봄아가씨/달없는 항로/봄맞이/고향/아리랑/목포의 눈물/다방의 푸른꿈/목포는 항구다 /코스모스탄식/진달래수첩/알아달라우요 (Korean) Oasis (1975)
International releases: (please note – individual posts include matrix number details important for researching recording and production details)
7 inch 45 rpm singles (Link: Kim Sisters 7 inch 45cat discography)
KIM SISTERS (김시스터즈) Harbor Lights/Ching Chang (US) Epic 5-9312 (May 1959)
KIM SISTERS (김시스터즈) Jerry Lee/Sugartime (Italian) Jolly Hi-Fi Records J 20095X45 (early 1960s)
KIM SISTERS (김시스터즈) A Diamond is Forever/Now is the Hour (US) Mercury 71769 (1961)
KIM SISTERS (김시스터즈) Blueberry Pie/We’re Going Back Together (US) Monument 45-829 (1963)
KIM SISTERS (김시스터즈) Love Star/You Can’t Have Everything (They Say) (US) Monument 45-818 (1963)
KIM SISTERS (김시스터즈) Mister magic moon/Roses In The Snow (US) Monument 45-831 (1964)
KIM SISTERS (김시스터즈) Charlie Brown/Korean Spring Song (US) Monument 45-841 (1964)
KIM SISTERS (김시스터즈) Bittersweet/Tic-A-Tic-A-Toc-Toc (US) Monument 45-900 (1965)
KIM SISTERS (김시스터즈) Just Like Taking Candy From A Baby/No Sad Songs For Me (US) Monument 45-914 (early 1966)
KIM SISTERS (김시스터즈) Just Like Taking Candy From A Baby/No Sad Songs For Me (Canada) Monument MN.914 (1966)
KIM SISTERS (김시스터즈) Just Like Taking Candy From A Baby/No Sad Songs For Me (Australian) Monument PKE (1966)
KIM SISTERS (김시스터즈) No Sad Songs For Me + 3 (Malaysian) Fortuna FOEP 5015 (early 1970s  – 7 inch EP)
12 inch 33 rpm albums 
KIM SISTERS “Their first album” 12 inch vinyl LP Tracks: Harbor Lights/Try To Remember/China Nights/Chinese lullaby/Danny Boy/Hawaiian Wedding Song/Arirang/You Can Have Everything/Hallelujah I love her so (US) Monument LP MLP-8022 (mono)/SLP-18022 (stereo – cover variation) (1964)  Not exactly sure regarding exact dates for mono and stereo versions – no earlier than 1964 tho. Please see recording session dates on singles above.
KIM SISTERS & KIM BROTHERS “Once in a Lifetime… live at the Waikiki Outrigger Hotel” 12 inch vinyl LP Tracks: (KIM BROTHERS)/For Once In My Life/.Didn’t We/Medley/.You Make Me Feel So Very Happy /.One Tin Soldier/Time For Us /(KIM SISTERS) Kim Chee/I’m Gonna Make You Love Me/The Battle Hymn Of Republic/Hallelujah,I Love Her So/You’ll Never Walk Alone (US) Makaha label, MS-5002 (1970)
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