Kim Doo Soo 김두수 (Korean folk psych artist) various releases

Below are various releases by Korean folk artist Kim Doo Soo (김두수) many of which are international pressings. An excellent outline of this artist can be found at the following link:


KIM DOO SOO 시오리길   A Long Way VINYL LP 작은새의 꿈   Dream of the small bird/귀촉도   Scops owl/우편엽서   Postcard/시오리길   A long way/여로   Journey/어허야 둥기둥기   Uhuhya doonggy doonggy /꽃묘(시오리길 2)   Flower grave (A long way 2)/흐린날의 연가   Love song of a grey day/정아의 장미   JeongAh’s Rose /작은배와 파랑새   Small boat and blue bird/이루어질 수 없는 사랑   Hopeless love (Korean) Seorabul Record  (1986 – appears to be original pressing, but may be reissued)


KIM DOO SOO 약속의 땅 The Promised Land VINYL LP 약속의 땅   The promised land/ 나비야   Butterfly/새우등   Bent back/청개구리 수희   Don’t cry, SuHui/꽃묘   Flower grave ( A long way 2)/ 철탑 위에 앉은 새   Bird on the steel tower/ 내 영혼은 그저 길에 핀 꽃이려니   My soul is just a flower by the wayside/황혼   Evenfall/신비주의자의 노래   Song of the mystic /우리의 소원   Our wish (Korean) Rythmon GEBL-SC22 (2011 reissue of 1988 album)


KIM DOO SOO 보헤미안    Bohemian VINYL LP  보헤미안   Bohemian/강변마을 사람들   People in the riverside village/자유로운 마음   Free heart/햇빛이 물에 비쳐 반짝일 때   When the sun glitters on the water/강   River/멀리서   From afar/비밀   Secret of green barley field/나무그늘   Shade of a tree (Germany/Korean) Hyundai Records  (2015 ??? audiophile German pressing)


KIM DOO SOO 자유혼    Free Spirit VINYL LP (2 formats) (Korean) Riverman Music (released on vinyl in 2 formats – a limited edition of 365 double LP (2002) and a high quality box set (2003))


KIM DOO SOO 열흘 나비  10 Days Butterfly DOUBLE VINYL LP (Japan) P.S.F. Records PSFK-0001~0002 (2007 180 gm vinyl Japanese release)


KIM DOO SOO 저녁강   The Evening River DOUBLE VINYL LP (United Kingdom) Blackest Rainbow BRR215 (2010 UK release limited to 500 copies)


KIM DOO SOO 곱사무舞(Dance of Hunchback) VINYL LP BOX SET (Korean) RythmOn Records HEBL-ML04 (2015 – blue vinyl limited edition of 500 release with additional extras, akso released as a limited edition of 500 fold out cover version)



KIM DOO SOO 2 additional DOUBLE VINYL LP BOX SETS – 1st one includes 7 inch singles and the second one may be a Japanese release.
These discs are from the collection of 최남규 (Choi Nam-gyu) who played some tracks for me from the albums and let me photograph these today at a great place in Samnye (Jeollabuk-do) called the Samnye Book City which also has records and other interesting items (pics below)


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