YOUNG JOE 조영남 Jo (Cho) Young Nam 12 INCH VINYL LP (US?) Life 4024-14

P1020496 P1020493

P1020497 P1020499

YOUNG JOE 조영남  (Joe) Jo Young Nam 12 INCH VINYL LP (US?) Life 4024-14 (circ. 1979/80. I got this LP from the US and it appears to be a US release from after he immigrated to the USA with actress wife Yoon Yeo-jeong. I haven’t seen this one listed anywhere before and would like to confirm it is a unique US release. Interesting and talented artist. This copy autographed by him in 1980. The music on this LP is a kind of trott-rock sound with some US country influences.
Mic’s collection status: I have this LP 
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Lives in Australia. Previously lived in South Korea. Married.
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