Sanullim San Ul Lim 산울림 The First (다시 부르기 1 ) 12 INCH VINYL LP EEC re-issue 2014

 San Ul Lim The first vinyl LP reissue

$_57 (5)
Sanullim San Ul Lim 산울림 The First (다시 부르기 1 ) 12 INCH VINYL LP Tracks: 아니 벌써 (Already)/아마 늦은 여름이었을 거야 (Perhaps, It Was A Late Summer)/골목길 An Alley)/안타까운 마음 (Frustrated)/그 얼굴 그 모습 (That Face, That Look)/불꽃놀이/(Fireworks) /문 좀 열어줘 (Please Open The Door)/소녀 (A Girl)/청자(아리랑 (Blue Porcelain) (EEC) Granadilla Music GM 206CC4 (2014 European release of their classic 1977 first album. No need to say much about this band as their place in Korean music is outlined in detail (in English) on many sites on the web. This  (along with Kim Jung-mi’s ‘Now’) is one of my favourite albums of Korean music and it’s not even really in a music genre that I’m particularly into. This first album is genuine progressive-psych with amazing use of heavy fuzz guitar and organ. Check out the sample track below …)
Link to San Ul Lim info on cool site:

San Ul Lim산울림 – 아마 늦은 여름이었을거야 (It Might be Late Summer)


P1020505 P1020507

Sanullim San Ul Lim 산울림 다시 부르기 1 12 INCH VINYL LP (South Korea) SRB Records SR 0090 (1977 original)


20160603_121542   20160603_121542

SAN UL LIM The first CD (EEC) Granadilla Music GM 2006C3 (2014 CD European release)
Collectors notes: .
Mic’s collection status: Have a copy of the reissue coming from Germany, also have a copy of the original pressing (pic above). [Edit: now have my copy + also CD version]
 Click this link for video-audios of my favourite Korean songs which includes San Ul Lim tracks:
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2 Responses to Sanullim San Ul Lim 산울림 The First (다시 부르기 1 ) 12 INCH VINYL LP EEC re-issue 2014

  1. DreX says:

    Is this a legitimate repress? There’s not too much info on Granadilla Music other than it’s own website…Thank you..

  2. Mic Dover says:

    Thanks for the question. Actually, I’m not sure. A lot of non-legit stuff seems to have been coming out of Germany in recent years, but from this 1970s era there have also been quite a few licenced releases. If I find a definite answer on this I’ll post it here or would be interested to hear from anyone else who knows for sure.

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