KIM KWANG-SEOK 김광석 4집 재발매반 12 INCH VINYL LP SK/German CJ E&M Records 2014

Place holder for KIM KWANG-SEOK 김광석 vinyl LP just released



KIM KWANG-SEOK 김광석 4집 재발매반 12 INCH VINYL LP Tracks: 일어나/바람이 불어오는 곳/너무 깊이 생각 하지마/ 회귀/너무 아픈 사랑은 사랑이 아니었음을/서른즈음에/혼자 남은 밤/끊어진 길/맑고 향기롭게/자유롭게 (South Korea/German)  CJ E&M Records CMAD-10410  (2014 – release by  iconic artist active from 88-96. One of my wife’s favourite musicians (who she has seen live). Kim died in 1996 aged 31. Folk-rock singer previously also in  Dongmulwon 동물원. This vinyl LP released by one of the major players in the Korean music scene CJ E&M Records (in Mapo). 180 gram heavy vinyl pressed in Germany, with Korean printed cover (similar to the KWC and SJH LPs below). Interesting that a major KPOP company is delving into vinyl releases. Hopefully a sign of more to come.)
Collectors notes: Limited to 3000 copies only which seemed to sell out in a very short time on pre-order.
Mic’s collection status: Have a copy coming from a contact in Mapo, will add full pictures when it arrives. [Edit] Now have my copy.

20160603_12184220160603_12181520160603_121919 20160603_122013 20160603_122033

 Also, see this link for video-audios of my favourite Korean songs which includes Kim Kwang-seok track:
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3 Responses to KIM KWANG-SEOK 김광석 4집 재발매반 12 INCH VINYL LP SK/German CJ E&M Records 2014

  1. Sean Macys says:

    Damn i was inbetween buying this or not and when i decided to it sold out! I have no idea how I’ll find myself one.

  2. Mic Dover says:

    Cheers. I’ve been told that one has been put aside for me … but if it doesn’t eventuate it’s going to be hard to find one elsewhere.

    I really hope this LP sets a trend and more like it are released. It’s probably a good thing it’s sold out so fast.

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