Korea: Vocal and Instrumental Music (US) ETHNIC FOLKWAYS LIBRARY 1965


Korea: Vocal and Instrumental Music 12 INCH VINYL LP (US) ETHNIC FOLKWAYS LIBRARY FE 4424 (Tracks – English) Ah-Rirang (Kim Ok-sim)/Torachi (Kim Ok-sim)/Tahn-Ka (Cho So-ok)/Chang-Guk-Cho (Korean Opera)/Tah-Ryung (Korean National Music Academy)/Nong-Ahk (Korean Women’s Music Association)/Kayakum Sancho (Kim Yoon-duk) (1965 – the second Folkways LP related to Korean music. Nice insert by Paul M. Ochojski with information related to the historical context these songs emerged from, as well as information about the individual songs including basic information about the traditional instruments used.)
Collectors notes:   Old style heavy card cover with paper sticker over-lay.
Mic’s collection status: I have this record 



Folk and Classical Music of Korea 12 INCH VINYL LP (US) ETHNIC FOLKWAYS LIBRARY FE 4424 (Tracks – English) Chang Poo Ta Ryong/Shin Tan Ga – Chok Byuk Poo/Shin Tan Ga – Chok Byuk Poo/Ja Pak Ee – Nam Doh Chap Ga (Six-Letter Lines – Southern Popular Song)/Noa Rai Ka Rak/Cha Jin Nong Poo Ga/Kei Myon – Chung Ahk (Boundary and Surface – Right Music)/Woo Cho – Chung Ahk/Chang Choon Pool Lo Chi Kog – Ah Ahk/Man Pa Sik – Ah Ahk/On Ahk/Jong Myo Yong Shin Ahk – Ah Ahk (1965 – this is the later re-issue of the original 1951-3 release of this album which is detailed here : Korean Folkways 1951/3)
Collectors notes:   Includes the exact same quality 1951 insert material by Kyung Ho Park as earlier release. Different cat. #.
Mic’s collection status: I have this record 
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