KYUNG-WHA CHUNG 정경화 Con Amore German 180 gram export release LP Decca 2012


KYUNG-WHA CHUNG 정경화 (violin) PHILLIP MOLL (piano) – Con Amore 12 INCH VINYL LP Tracks: La Gitana/Liebeslied/Dancing Doll/ Scerzo-Tarantella/ Salut D’amour/ La Capricieuse/Valse Sentimantale/ Praeludium And Allegro/Moto Perpetuo/Beau Soir/Nocturne In C Sharp Minor Ut Diese Mineur Cis-Moll/Caprice In A Minor La Mineur A-Moll/Gavotte/Liebesfrued/Sèrènade Espagnole/(After Etude En Forme De Valse Op52 No6)/Hungarian Dance No1 (Germany/South Korea) Decca 417289-1 (2012 – Very high quality 180 gram analogphonic German pressing taken from the original masters and cut at Emil Berliner Studios by Maaren de Boer. Sleeve and obi printed in South Korea. The inital South Korean release had the same catalog number but as I understand it a slightly different label, as did the original 1987 Stereo digital Dutch Decca release which is in great demand.)
Collectors notes: One of at least 2 German/S. Korean KYUNG-WHA CHUNG analogphonic vinyl LPs released in this format. The 1987 Dutch Decca original is in great demand with the most recent copy listed online selling for $US 365 (July 27, 2013). $US 478 is the highest price I’ve seen the original go for (in 2010) however prices in the mid to high $US 300’s (and GBP 200+) are common. There appears to be a Dutch export issue on London with the exact same cat. number with a Japanese printed booklet and Japanese language obi that sells in the mid $200 range. This album was initially released only in Holland before South Korean Decca released it, then various special export re-issues such as this one and the one for the Japanese market were released later.
Mic’s collection status: I have this LP (2012 German/S. Korean analogphonic Decca )



GERMAN GAYAGEUM 6 track 33rpm 7 INCH EP (German/Korean?) Master Of Music No Cat # (???? – unknown year. Speaking of German/Korean collaborations… I have no idea what this is except that I got it from someone in Germany and I suspect it’s pretty rare. Track listings, etc are on labels and cover as pictured above. Gayageum/kayagum instrumental tracks)
 Mic’s collection status: I have this EP
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