KIM JUNG-MI 김정미 original 7 INCH 45 single 해님/봄 (South Korea) Fontana – SEL-E 1004 1973

Although this site web site is predominately devoted to non-Korean vinyl releases of Korean music, I have decided to occasionally include some odd Korean pressing items from my collection that are of special interest or have especially cool covers. My policy is that all discs on this site are items from my own collection however I have made an exception in this case – this item is not from my own collection, unfortunately. Many thanks to 김정희 in Seoul for allowing me to phot0graph this single.

To listen to the B/Side 2 song of this single (first video): click here

김정미 fontana   김정미      

KIM JUNG-MI 김정미 original 7 INCH 45 single with picture sleeve 해님/봄 (South Korea) Fontana – SEL-E 1004 (1973 original with song titles written in Korean. incredibly rare first 1973 pressing of this fantastic single.)
Collectors notes: Rare. Valuable.
Mic’s collection status: I don’t have this one. But have taken these pictures of it.
Additional note regarding this single: This record doesn’t turn up for sale very often at all. The most recent copy was priced at 1.5 million Won (about $US 1500) for a circ. VG/VG copy by my grading. It was in front of me and I was very tempted to buy it, and had it been closer to EX/EX I probably would have done so ‘out of necessity’. My wife was with me at the time and I suspect she would have beaten me (and possibly banned me from buying any other records ever) had I made the purchase. As some people who might understand the tragic nature of this scenario may appreciate … letting this record go caused me a great deal of existential trauma.  icon_cry
Link to my more detailed submission on the 45cat discography page for this record
I maybe perhaps might still get a copy of this one some time in the future.
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