PATTI KIM (패티김) Hit Parade Vol. 1 (힛트집 No.1) Rare early 10 inch vinyl LP

Although this site web site is predominately devoted to non-Korean vinyl releases of Korean music, I have decided to occasionally include some odd Korean pressing items from my collection that are of special interest or have especially cool covers.


patti kim  패티김

PATTI KIM (패티김) Hit Parade Vol. 1 (힛트집 No.1) 10 inch vinyl LP Tracks:썸머타임(Summer Time)/로마여 안녕(Arivederci Rome)/무지개를 넘어서(Over the Rainbow)/내마음을 그대에게(If I Give My Heart to You)/파드레(Padre)/틸(Till) / 푸리랜드(Pretend)/.에브리 바디 러브즈 러버(Everybody lovers a Lover)(South Korea) Oasis OL 10476 ( Circ.1959?-62? very early release with Park Chun-seok arrangement. Ten inch album which would date it late 50s by western criteria but 10 inchers may have been pressed up until the mid 60s in South Korea.)
Collectors notes: Rare – not listed on any Korean webs sites I have found
Mic’s collection status: I have this LP. Reasonably nice copy condition wise.

patti kim      

PATTI KIM (패티김) 골든앨범(연자마을아가씨/하숙생) 12 inch vinyl LP Tracks:.(패티김 노래).연자마을 아가씨/빛과 그림자/신밀양 아리랑/황성옛터/.하숙생/뜨거운 눈물/(최희준 노래)하숙생/.진고개신사 /이별의 프렛트홈/너구리 아저씨/옛이야기/멋지게 살자 (South Korea)  (1972 – split album with Patti Kim side 1. )
Collectors notes: 
Mic’s collection status: I have this LP in nice condition.
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