AHN SUK-SEON (안숙선) 민요 제1집12 inch vinyl LP (Korean) gayageum/kayagum 1978

Although this site web site is predominately devoted to non-Korean vinyl releases of Korean music, I have decided to occasionally include some odd Korean pressing items from my collection that are of special interest or have especially cool covers.

gayageum      가야금


AHN SUK-SEON(안숙선) 민요 제1집 – 함평천지/천성영지날제 12 inch vinyl LP Tracks: 함평천지(호남가)/사랑가(춘향전중에서)/토끼타령(수궁가중에서)/고천변대목(수궁가중에서)/새타령(남도)/녹음방초(단가)/집터새겨보는데(흥보전중에서)/천성영지날제(단가) (South Korea) 유니버샬  (1978 – gayageum/kayagum instrumentals)
Collectors notes: 
Mic’s collection status: I have this LP in near mint condition. 
Creative Commons Licence Korean vinyl records – 한국 레코드판 by Michael Dover is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.Based on a work at https://koreanvinyl.wordpress.com/.Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at https://koreanvinyl.wordpress.com/.

About Mic Dover

Lives in Australia. Previously lived in South Korea. Married.
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