KIM SISTERS & KIM BROTHERS “Once in a Lifetime… live at the Waikiki Outrigger Hotel” 12 inch vinyl LP



KIM SISTERS & KIM BROTHERS “Once in a Lifetime… live at the Waikiki Outrigger Hotel” 12 inch vinyl LP Tracks: (KIM BROTHERS)/For Once In My Life/Didn’t We/Medley/You Make Me Feel So Very Happy /One Tin Soldier/Time For Us /(KIM SISTERS) Kim Chee/I’m Gonna Make You Love Me/The Battle Hymn Of Republic/Hallelujah, I Love Her So/You’ll Never Walk Alone (US) Makaha label, MS-5002 (1970 – this album musically is the most interesting of all their releases in my opinion. Captures their period Vegas show style – with the late 60s style of horn, organ and sax backing, plus Korean language vocals on tracks like Kim Chee and audience background noise. The compressed online audio versions out there seem to compromise the music and atmospherics a bit however all this sounds much fuller when played directly from original vinyl.)
Collectors notes: This album is much rarer than their first album. Turns up online maybe once or twice a year and has to date sold mainly in the $150-250-ish range. Sometimes sells under $100 for a lucky buyer but these sub $100 copies are usually not in top range condition. Scarcer in Korea with the only copy I’ve seen listed here selling for 400 000 Won. [edit – quite a few copies of this have surfaced in 2013 with sales in the $US100 to $US150 range]
Mic’s collection status: I have this LP.



MARIA MONTI Nina E L’Aspirapolvere (backing vocals KIM SISTERS)/Non Arrossire (Italian) RCA PM 45-0132 (1961 – OK … being and obsessive completist this release by Italian artist Maria Monti [and also the 1961 LP it is taken from ‘Recital’ Italian RCA PML 74] appears to have backing vocals by the KIM SISTERS which I believe is likely to be the Korean group of that name because of  the existance of:
KIM SISTERS (김시스터즈) Jerry Lee/Sugartime (Italian) Jolly Hi-Fi Records J 20095X45 (1960  – 7 inch 45 rpm single, rare Italian press.
By cross-referencing with the cat. numbers of other releases on the label I am quite certain the Jerry Lee single was released in 1961, so I strongly suspect that both recordings (Jerry Lee and the Maria Monte backing track) were made in Italy sometime in late 1960 or early 1961. The problem is that the ‘moron’ who sent me my copy of this single from Switzerland packed it to send to South Korea only between two pieces of breakfast cereal thickness pieces of cardboard and it arrived broken. Thus I can not play the single to check whether the backing vocals do actually sound like them. It may take a while for me to get another copy and ascertain whether the backing vocals are infact the Korean Kim Sisters. Any info appreciated.
Collectors notes: rare single, pretty hard to find a copy of.
Mic’s collection status: I have  this single but it is broken ! The picture sleeve is in very nice condition tho.
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