3 Traditional Korean music 12 INCH VINYL LPs USA Holland arirang 1959-72



SONGS OF KOREA 12 INCH VINYL LP Tracks are: Arirang/Nong boo gah/Nil la ri a/Dan so/Kwae ji na ching ching nah neh/Dah Rah ! Da rah/Yang sanh do/Nohdle kahang byun/Toraji Tahryung/choon-pi choon heung/Jin do arirang/Kahng gang sool le (Jeolla Province song)/Pahgyun pockpo/Mong gum po tahrung (Korean) 아리랑/농부가 /닐리리야 /단소/쾌지나 칭칭나네/달아 달아 /양산도/노들강변/도라지타령/춘비춘흥/진도아리랑/강강술래/밀양아리랑/박연폭포/몽금포타령 (USA) Request Records RLP 8031 ( 1959 release on New York label. Vocalist Han Pyung Sook, musician Jea Kyung Whang and Korean Folk Choir)
Collectors notes: These recordings were also released in South Korea by Midopa Records. The Korean release had the same front cover picture.
Mic’s collection status: I have a near mint copy of this record. 



KOREAN SOCIAL & FOLK MUSIC 12 INCH VINYL LP Tracks are: Komungo (Zither) Sango/Ajaeng (Bowed Zither) Sanjo/Hojok (Oboe) Sanjo/ The Bird Song (Komungo accompaniment)/Minstrel’s Song, Pansori/ Four North-Western Province Folk Songs/Four Central Province Folk Songs (US) Lyrichord LLST 7211 (circ. 1970/71 pressing of slightly earlier recordings by “British Ethnomusicologist John Levy of Korean Sanjo and Chapaka music”. The Korean musicians are Sin Kwaedong, Han Ilsup, Pak Chowel and Li Changbe, and this original vinyl LP version comes with an insert containing liner notes and and extensive details about each track.)
Sample tracks can be found at: http://lyrichord.com/koreansocialandfolkmusic-7.aspx
Collectors notes: Quite scarce and LP comes in a beautiful red shade cover. LP itself is a quality pressing on heavy 180 gram vinyl)
Mic’s collection status: I have this record. 



KOREAN TRADITIONAL MUSIC MUSICAL SOURCES SERIES VIII-1 UNESCO Collection of Traditional Music of the World – Korean music ‎12 INCH VINYL LP Tracks are: Su-Je-Chon (Orchestra : Imperial Orchestra)/Manpa Jungshi Ji Kok, “The Calmness Of Ten Thousand Waves” (Orchestra : Imperial Orchestra)/ Dae Chui-Ta (Or Mu-Ryung Ji Kok) (Ensemble : Chui-Ta Ensemble)/ Samhyon Yongsan (Orchestra : Imperial Orchestra)/Chong Song Jajin Hanip (Daegeum [Taegeum] : Sang Kyu Lee)/Man-Nyun Jang-Hwan Ji Kok, “Song Of Joy Everlasting” (Vocals : Choo Whan Lee)/ “The Waterfalls Of Bak-Yon” (Vocals : Eun Joo Lee)/Chongsun Arirang (Gayageum [Kayageum] : Sung Keum Ryun)/ Kayageum Sanjo (Gayageum [Kayageum] : Sung Keum Ryun) (Dutch) Philips 6586 011 (1972 Dutch release of Korean traditional music)
Collectors notes: Solid quality heavy vinyl pressing. This record may have also been released in South Korea.
Mic’s collection status: I have this record.
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