KIM JUNG-MI 김정미 ‘Now vinyl’ LP



KIM JUNG-MI 김정미 ‘Now vinyl’ LP  Haenim (햇님)/Wind (바람)/Spring (봄)/Unknowingly (나도 몰래)/Blow Spring Breeze (불어라 봄바람)/Your Dream (당신의 꿈)/ Beautiful Rivers And Mountains (아름다운 강산)/ Lonely Heart (고독한 마음)/It’s Raining (비가 오네)/ Ganadaramabasa (가나다라마바) (US) Lion Productions – LION LP-122 (2011 – 180 gram vinyl re-issue release on Illinois, US Label. High quality heavy card cover with picture obi and foldout picture insert that includes extensive liner notes (English language) by Kevin Howes. Liner notes are extremely comprehensive running about 3000 words or more, and would serve as a valuable piece of text for anyone looking to research this artist and this period in South Korean music further. Also has lyrics in English. The cover is a reproduction of the original, however the label is a near reproduction of the original label except for the fact that the song titles are written in English on this re-issue, as opposed to the use of Korean language on the original labels. )
Collectors notes: 
Mic’s collection status: I have a copy of this LP.
I also have the 180 gram copy of this LP on the South Korean Rythm-on label GEBL-SL15 which is a numbered Limited Edition of 500 and includes a bonus 7 inch single + obi. This and other versions of this album are also listed elsewhere on this site.
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