KIM SISTERS 김시스터즈 Just Like … 7 inch 45 (Australia) Monument 1966

No scan or picture of this record found to date: but I am pretty sure it does exist.

KIM SISTERS (김시스터즈) Just Like Taking Candy From A Baby/No Sad Songs For Me (Australian) Monument PKE 1661 (1966  – no doubt the rarest Kim Sisters record. The deviation from the traditional Festival distrubtion K series catalogue number had me stumped for some time. The “E” at the end of the ZK means it was pressed by Festival Records for the East Asian market. Not really made for distribution in Australia. Even though they show up occasionally.) (thanks to earlybird on 45cat and the great Global Dog web site for info on this item)
Link to my more detailed submission on the 45cat discography page for this record
Collectors notes: This is a special export pressing. Near impossible to find.
Mic’s collection status: I want it. 
Additionally: this Kim Sisters 45 an interesting release ! Most likely the very first ever music item from South Korea ever released in Australia. Australia and South Korea now enjoy an increasingly close relationship with South Korea being one of Australia’s biggest economic trading partners. As far as Australian releases by east Asian music artists goes, the Kim Sisters were trumped here (date wise) by Kyu Sakamoto. Sukiyaki (correct spelling) was released in Australia (and sold very well) in 1963.
[Edit] Miyoshi Umeki released two 7 inch singles in Australia in 1956. How Deep Is The Ocean – Mercury 45062 and The Little Lost Dog – Mercury 45082, however she moved from Japan in 1955 and her Mercury singles (like the Kim Sisters’) were US recordings.


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